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Developement Agenda

We believe that for this new agenda to gain legitimacy and acceptance it must be led by the priorities and perspectives

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The summit is being organized under the auspices of the African Interfaith Initiative on Post-2015 Development Agenda,

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The Africa Interfaith initiative on post 2015

About Africa Interfaith initiative

The broad aim of the Africa Interfaith Initiative is to enhance the participation of Africas’ Faith Communities and Faith Leaders in shaping the Post 2015 Development Agenda.
The initiative operates as a platform and it is in its third year of operation.
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  • Develop a successor framework to MDGs
  • Replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • Promote peace and reconciliation in countries and communities
  • Promote interfaith dialogue and co-operation
  • Promote the resourcefulness of Africa
  • Prove solidarity

    A universal agenda
    All countries need to commit to the new agenda and take action according to their context. Solidarity, with particular attention to the poorest, is a solid foundation for coherent action for the common good by all countries. In particular, developed countries need to prove their solidarity through delivering on existing commitments to development assistance and to create more space for mutual, equitable and productive engagement of developing countries in the development agenda, be it trade, debt and tax agreements or carbon space in our atmosphere.
  • Addressing inequalities

    Reducing inequalities
    Increasingly, addressing inequalities, be they rooted in economic , gender or other social marginalization of people on account of disability, ethnicity, beliefs or caste, is being recognised as central to ending poverty and securing peace and harmony in society. We believe that all women and men are equal in their worth. The vast disparities that obtain in relation to asset, income, opportunity and power between men and women and between any one social group and another are unacceptable.
  • Building on the achievements of the MDGs

    A single, integrated agenda
    Building on the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals and ensuring that development is anchored on a genuinely global sustainability pathway, the future framework for development must reflect the integrated and inextricably linked social, economic, cultural and environmental dimensions of development. A set of goals that fail to integrate these dimensions in a balanced way is not acceptable for addressing present and future development challenges.

Current Event

FINANCING for Development in Africa (1)

Date: Tuesday, 14 July 2015, 2:15pm – 4:00 pm Venue: Yordanos Hotel (Grand Yordanos Hotel) Kazanches, Addis Ababa (Guinea Conakry St, near Bambis traffic light/ Bambis Supermarket). Organised by: Africa Interfaith Initative on the Post 2015 Development Agenda United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNMC) Summary: Africa’s faith communities and their faith leaders have been involved in…